All about Adobe Premiere Tutorial Text Animation

Videomerge, with its special tool on special effects allow users to bring life to their old videos and transform them to vivid videos like a live performance. So, with this too, you can use your imagination to the hilt to make your videos more appealing and lively. This tool lets users create a green screen impact on the videos with absolute ease. In fact, the easy-to-access features of this tool help them experience video editing at an utmost ease that even a newbie to this software may be able to produce a credible movie. With its capability of even imitating a zero gravity surrounding, one is only left to imagine the powerful tools of this software.

The movies that are produced using this latest video merge tool are high quality picture with impeccable clarity and high definition sound. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the quality output of the movie would match the standards of a movie showcased in a theatre. Further, these movies can be easily saved in a good quality DVD, mobile phones, a superior definition superior Blue-Ray Disc. The movie viewing experience in your HD flat screens will evoke theatre experience.Learn More


The main advantage offered by this tool is the transparency throughout the clip in the movie. You can superimpose pictures easily and also cause the transparency to invert to create a mask effect. This would make the objects in the clip to appear through the foreground. You can easily experiment transparency by first right-clicking on the clip you want to make transparent and then choosing the video merge tool. Doing this would automatically help the tool detect the background and thus eliminate the background promptly.